What is the Machine?
  See the Wikipedia article on The Machine.

What is the objective of WelcomeToTheMachine.info?
  The goal of WelcomeToTheMachine.info is to provide a comprehensive source of information on the Machine and its history at the University of Alabama. The mission here is not to challenge the Machine or to attack individuals, but to inform. The bulk of this information can be found in the Archives.

Why is there a need for WelcomeToTheMachine.info?
  There is no central source of information on the Machine, and everyone should have free, convenient, and unlimited access to this knowledge.

Isn't this just some anti-Machine or anti-Greek site?
  No. This is a repository for information about the Machine. No opinions of the owner are expressed, nor does the content in the site necessarily reflect the opinions of the owner. The site may seem anti-Machine, but that is more than likely due to the fact that pro-Machine literature, articles, and materials are almost nonexistent. Because of the Machine's inclusive and secret nature, those who support the Group generally remain silent. The philosophy here is to let the information speak for itself.

Why doesn't the search tool search all of the pages?
  The WelcomeToTheMachine.info search tool relies on search technology and resources provided by Google. It takes time (up to several weeks) for Google to properly scan and index all of the site's pages. Therefore, many pages, especially new additions to the site, may not be indexed for searching for a considerable time.

How can I contribute to the Archives?
  Your contributions to the Archives would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute something, it needs to be in a digital format (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .html, .txt, etc.), and it must pertain to some aspect of the Machine. Opinions are welcome, but official/published documents and documents with historic value are preferred. Files can be sent via email or FTP. Contact me for instructions.

How can I contact you?
  Via email.