"Presidential hopeful tearfully withdraws from Thursday’s race"
Jan Crawford
The Crimson White
January 30, 1985

“I saw so many Machine people sitting in the front row tonight, looking so pleased I was going to split the independent vote.”

On what he called a “spur of the moment decision,” Tuesday night at the Paty Forum, Joey Scarborough dropped out of the SGA presidential race and pledged his support to independent candidate Joe Barganier.

Throughout his campaign, Scarborough had said he was running for president to better represent the students of the University. But during Tuesday night’s forum, Scarborough said he realized his biggest contribution to students would be to withdraw from the race and support the candidate he felt would best represent the students.

“TRUTHFULLY, tears were coming out of my eyes because I’m so afraid even if Joe’s elected, he might do what’s best for Joe Barganier, not what’s best for the students of this University,” Scarborough said following the forum.

“But at the same time, he was the lesser of two evils,” he added, referring to Machine-endorsed candidate George Harris.

Scarborough said several students told him he was a “dangerous candidate.”

“But the only thing about me is I’m an outsider who told the truth, and the truth doesn’t seem to be in fashion this year on the third floor of Ferguson,” he said. “And I’m not talking about The CW, either.”

SCARBOROUGH said he was disappointed and relieved to no longer be a presidential contender.

“I’m mostly afraid students numbed by the power will continue pursuing policies that discriminate against minorities and cast ugly shadows on the University of Alabama,” he said.

Scarborough said his first glimpse of “how corrupt student politics were at this fine institution” came after he de-pledged Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and “found all doors to SGA involvement had been closed.”

“Right when I de-pledged, they told me if I’d come back, they’d guarantee me a senate seat in communications,” he said. “That was my first glimpse.”