"Machine sweeps majority in Senate"
Jon Anderson
The Crimson White
January 30, 1991

The 1991 SGA elections drew 4,578 voters to the polls Tuesday, representative of about one-fourth of the student body.

The Machine captured 40 of 50 senate seats, while Addrian Brooks’ Students for Change group put eight of its candidates in office. Two students running independent of any group were elected to the Senate as well.

Nine students identified by sources within the Machine as representatives for their greek houses were elected to the SGA Senate. Among these individuals were Michele Bilderback of Zeta Tau Alpha, who has been identified as secretary of the Machine, and Matt Warren, of Alpha Tau Omega, who has been identified as the vice president elect of the Machine.

The Machine also dominated executive offices. Not only did it capture the SGA president, vice president and treasurer’s offices; it filled 20 of 21 executive offices within seven schools. Meredith Sue Ward, who was elected nursing secretary/treasurer, was the only independent to win an executive office.

The chief justice and two associate justices of the Student Court of Appeals are Machine-endorsed, as is the elected student representative to the Media Planning Board.

Voters approved an amendment to the SGA Constitution that would reduce the number of excused senate absences from five to three. There were 1,508 votes for the amendment and 454 votes against it.

Anne Hornsby, chairperson of the Elections Board, announced the unofficial election results at the Ferguson Center Theatre at about 11 p.m. Tuesday to a crowd of about 200 people. Hornsby said official results would most likely be available Friday.

The 4,578 voters who participated in elections this year surpassed last year’s total of 4,420 voters. The 1989 SGA elections drew a record 5,865 voters.