"OSL: UA should recognize Machine"
George W. Arnold
The Crimson White
February 13, 1991

The staff of the Office of Student Life held an issues meeting Tuesday morning with discussion centering on the Machine.

Staff members overall said it would probably be better if the Machine was aboveboard and University-recognized. Members pointed out that on other campuses, the Machine, or Theta Nu Epsilon, is a recognized organization.

“We need to view it as an educational change,” Robert Smith, associate director of OSL said.

OSL Director Kathleen Randall said it would be beneficial if the Machine came out in the open.

“We have an increased resolve to work with all parts of the campus to encourage some action on the part of the Machine,” Randall said.

Associate Director Tom Burke said if the Machine was aboveboard, it would be more accountable.

“It would help prevent unethical behavior and cheating, if it’s going on,” Burke said. “Politics is a nasty, dirty business. It’s about winning. It’s not based on ideals.”

Staff members discussed the nature of the Machine and the apathetic nature of the student body. Fran Viselli, a local businessman, was invited to the meeting to discuss the election problems. Viselli’s son, Joey, ran an unsuccessful campaign for SGA president two years ago. Also, Viselli is involved in the sponsorship of many on-campus activities.

“Very quickly on this campus, the students are pigeonholed,” Viselli said.

Viselli said one way this could be avoided would be to delay rush. “Don’t start rush till second semester, that way you give students a chance to have class identification instead of just organization identification,” he said.

Research coordinator Elaine Globetti agreed that without greek association a student has a difficult time being involved in campus politics at this time.

“Either you’re greek or you’re nothing,” Globetti said.

Randall said the staff would have further discussions on the topic at future staff meetings.