"Presidency, policies change hands"
George W. Arnold
The Crimson White
February 13, 1991

Boston takes reigns of SGA from Coleman

At the 1991 SGA Awards Banquet Monday night in the Ferguson Ballroom, John Coleman officially stepped down as SGA President and Trey Boston took the oath and reins of the office for the next year.

Boston, in addressing old and new members of the Senate, said he will work to continue many of the policies of the Coleman administration, in which Boston worked as administrative assistant.

“I would like to express gratitude to John Coleman for working to establish the program he did,” Boston said. “The legal services program was a bold step and will continue to help students.”

Along with Boston, the rest of the 1991 SGA was sworn into office, including Vice President Thad Huguley and Treasurer Bobby Ewing.

Boston also reiterated his platform in announcing his goals for his administration.

“The Boston administration will begin working on a tuition freeze program for students, and with the help of the administration we can do this,” Boston said, looking at University President Roger Sayers and Executive Assistant Culpepper Clark, both of whom attended the banquet.

“We will continue printing the course evaluation booklet that was printed for the first time this spring,” Boston said. “We will work to improve security…We will also work to improve minority involvement with the establishment of a Minority Affairs Division. I challenge each student to work for this campus…to make it as good as it can be.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Harry Knopke addressed the new SGA and told the group that the next year will be a tough one for the University as the institution attempts to deal with proration.

“We’re not looking at gains, but at recouping losses,” Knopke said. “And in that the University will be looking to balance the emphasis between teaching and research.”

Boston said he has filled most of his administrative positions, but still has a few committee appointments to make.

One question that has been raised is what position Boston campaign manager Scott McCleneghen will hold in the new SGA.

“I haven’t decided, yet, where Scott will be,” Boston said. “It probably will not be a cabinet-level position.”

Boston has announced Jay Rye, executive assistant under John Coleman, as his administrative assistant.

Sources within the Machine have identified both McCleneghen and Rye as senior representatives for their respective fraternities to Theta Nu Epsilon.

“Things are going pretty well,” Boston said. “We’ve been putting the staff together. We had two weeks to go ahead and put a staff together. That enables us to start this week and hit the ground running.”