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"Machine-endorsed candidates capture 31 senate seats"
Kristi Lamont
The Crimson White
February 1, 1985

Theta Nu Epsilon, more commonly known as the Machine, garnered a substantial victory Thursday in the University’s SGA senate elections as 31 of its endorsed candidates won senate seats.

The Machine is a campus political organization made up of select fraternities and sororities.

The following students were elected SGA senators for the 1985-86 year: In Arts and Sciences races Anne Elizabeth Dooley, Nikki King, Lisa Durrett, Jody Boyd and Doug Styes were elected. Steve Harvey did not win but received 254 votes for A&S senator, giving him the highest write-in vote total of the election.

ELIZABETH Hinton and Tom Pittman were elected communication senators. Representing the College of Engineering in the senate will be Jennifer Crumbley, Kim Brunner, Quintin Lai and Stewart Countess. Commerce and Business Administration senators will be Greg Hoffman, Chris Dorris, Greg Matthews, Sandy Leeds and Mike Lapidus.

Staria Sorrells was elected education senator. Graduate School senators will be Cliff Brady, Charles Allen and Mark Garner. The Home Economics senator will be Sabra McLean, and Kevin Vincent was elected Law School senator. New College, Nursing and Social Work senators elected were Randy Ford, Sara Howard, and Amy Beaulieu, respectively. Ford won over Knox McMillian by one vote.

Of 17 off-campus senate seats the Machine endorsed nine winners: Greg Gambril, Jay Winford, John Bell, Jimmy Taylor, Ralph Holt, Jeff Coleman, Rob Riley, Rick Holland and Matt Perrine. The remaining eight seats were won by Bruce Roberts, Kathy Kuhn, Chris Robertson, Jim Courtney, Richard Bedsole, Robert Carr, Steve Hogan and Bob Ewing.

Women’s dorm senators will be Katrina Dorsey, Ann Wall and Virginia Jemison.

DORSEY said she thought it was “really bad” so few minority students get involved in the SGA.

“It does take a personal commitment,” Dorsey said. “Also, I want to add that I think it’s a shame we have to wait until election time for the independents to have a voice.”

Teleasa McLeod, president of the Afro-American Association, said there are many more qualified students at the University, both black and foreign, who could have run for more senate seats, but chose not to.

“A lot of it might be the fact that a lot of minority students feel isolated from the SGA, and as far as that goes there’s not one simple cure for it,” McLeod said.

ENGINEERING Sen. Quentin Lai said the lack of minority representation in the SGA senate seemed to him to be the fault of past administrations.

“Some students are intimidated by the language barrier,” Lai said. “Also, since the SGA hasn’t really done anything for or against minority students a lot of them hardly know it exists.”

Cheyenne Miranda and Fred Gibson will be the Men’s Dorm senators. Stan McCullough received 11 votes and was named University-owned Apartments senator after Jon Deshler was disqualified on the day of the election.

Thomas Logan and Michel Nicrosi were elected fraternity and sorority senators, respectively.

ELEVEN of 19 school-office seats were filled by Machine-endorsed candidates.

The only runoff of Thursday’s elections will be for the position of president of the College of Engineering. Bert Coleman, chairman of the SGA Elections Committee, said the runoff between Vishu Kulkarni and Jim Howell would take place Tuesday at one of the engineering buildings.

The other officers in Engineering will be Patrick Moore, vice president, and Andy Murphree, secretary-treasurer. Pam McLellan was voted president of the College of Education, Elissa Schwartz was elected vice president, and Nancy Snow won the secretary-treasurer race.

In C&BA the winners were Doug Martinson, president, Kathryn Garrison, vice president and Randy Claybrook, secretary-treasurer. In the School of Nursing Crystal Kirkpatrick was elected president and Kevin Matthews vice president of the School of Home Economics, and Traci Bargeron took the secretary-treasurer race.

Stewart Springer was elected president of the School of Communication; Marvin Slossman was elected vice president; and Karen Tarica was elected secretary-treasurer. In A&S Annette McDermott was elected president; Sallie Ogg, vice president; and Lisa Manasco secretary-treasurer.

Bills 37, 39 and 42 all passed by substantial margins.