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"Machine documentary in Ferg Forum tonight"
Lori Creel
The Crimson White
February 1, 2006

Student political action group to sponsor showing, rally support

In its first public event on campus, Capstone PAC, a student political action committee, will show "One and All," a documentary about the Machine and UA campus politics, as part of its effort to educate voters.

The Machine is a select coalition of traditionally white fraternities and sororities designed to influence campus politics.

Michelle Fuentes, vice chairwoman of Capstone PAC, said all students are invited to attend. The group is targeting all students, greek and independent, she said.

"We're using this as a kickoff event to allow students to have the opportunity to learn more about our organization as well as the organization's purpose, which is to educate voters about campus politics," Fuentes said.

The documentary, which was put out by Alabama Public Television several years ago, is part of a series called "The Alabama Experience," which examines different aspects of the state of Alabama and its history, Fuentes said.

The documentary looks at the history of student government at the University and how it has responded to an increasingly diverse student body.

Fuentes said the film examines the all-white UA political machine, in which a number of Alabama politicians got their start in.

The SGA is referred to as a "proving ground for aspiring politicians" in the documentary.

The film asserts that there is a "who's who" list of Alabama politicians, including former Gov. Don Siegelman and U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., who participated in SGA and had Machine support thanks to ties with Machine greek organizations.

Students who go to the event can sign up to be part of Capstone PAC's mailing list, as well as give donations to the organization if they choose to, Fuentes said.

Capstone PAC hopes to raise money from both students and alumni to produce and distribute literature about issues the group feels are important to the campus, Fuentes said.