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"Machine wants you to forget"
The Crimson White
March 11, 2004

The Holocaust never happened. The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. We never landed on the moon.

Isn't revisionist history fun, kids?

UA students had their own bit of history rewriting Tuesday in the SGA Senate's special session, where Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration Sen. Ryan Smith's resolution condemning illegal campaign action was thoroughly rewritten.

Two key changes included the elimination of passages referring to the 1993 attack on Minda Riley and the mysterious Students for a Better SGA. Of course, those who amended the resolution say it was to remove speculation, but we don't buy it.

Scholars say history is written by the winners, and we're watching that happen today in a pure, unmitigated attempt to erase and revise events in the sparkling image of the Machine.

Some today might say the Riley incident didn't happen or that it had nothing to do with campus politics. Hello? The incident did happen, and we're willing to bet it had something to do with sneaky campus affairs, because the administration saw enough of a connection between the attack and student politics to disband the SGA.

The Machine today might be ashamed or embarrassed of the events, but that's no reason to change history. It's intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible, and we should all strive to serve a higher obligation to the truth. We deserve better from our elected leaders.

The paragraph dealing with fears of identity theft stemming from last year's rigged election was also struck. Why? Yes, there was a fraudulent election last year. Yes, stolen Social Security numbers assisted in those shenanigans. Yes, that's one of the reasons the University switched to the CWID system.

At the end of the special session, the resolution did pass. But at what cost? The teeth of the resolution, along with most of the meaning behind the original version, were viciously removed. Just guess who helped lead the drive for the amendments: Sens. Christina Carden, Laura Beth Mitchell and Brinkley Serkedakis, all candidates for executive offices.

Just think what will happen next year if they're in power. The SGA might just change history to show that it has been running continuously since 1914, or that Riley never even existed.

To Ryan Smith, Riley Buck, David Smith and everyone else who supported this resolution as originally written, thank you. Thank you for making a stand and trying to do something productive for this campus. It's way too much to ask of your opposition, and in our minds, you're the real winners here.

To those who effectively killed this resolution, we've got some words for you as well. Once again, a movement for change and progress has been co-opted and savaged by our wonderful friends in the Machine.

Thanks, guys.

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