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"CW copies disappear"
The Crimson White
January 26, 1983

Editor's Note: The Monday, January 24 edition of The Crimson White did not reach many of our readers because about 10,000 of the [] copies disappeared shortly after they were delivered to CW drop boxes. The editors believe the disappearance of the newspapers was directly connected with a story about the Machine which appeared on page one of the edition. The following is a synopsis of that story:

SGA presidential candidate John Bolus said at the The Crimson White SGA candidate forum Sunday that his opponent Mike Land had "sold his soul" to the Machine because he had accepted its endorsement.

"The Machine is wrong because it manipulates groups," Bolus said, specifying fraternities and sororities as those organizations affected. "People are being used and that is wrong," he said.

Bolus said that although Land could deny it, he knew from reliable sources that Land had once been vice president of the Machine. Bolus said he would not hesitate to go to court to prove he was not guilty of slander.

The Machine is an exclusive organization made up of 16 fraternities and eight sororities that nominates and supports candidates for SGA offices.

"I'll do just what he said (deny the charge that he was a member of the Machine)," Land replied to Bolus' comment. "I have had no dealing with the Machine; I haven't been involved with it at all."

The rest of the story dealt with candidates' responses to questions from the CW forum panel and members of the audience. In addition to Bolus and Land, SGA vice presidential candidates Alan Franco and Rick Newton and treasurer candidates Alison O'Neill and Gary Lambert were questioned on campus issues and their goals for the SGA.