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The Crimson White
February 18, 1913

Eight New Men Elected to Well-Known Inter-Fraternity Club


The Skulls will hold their public initiation next week. This is an announcement that will be greeted with pleasure by those who have seen the antics of former Skull initiations. It is customary to hold the just prior to, or immediately after the Skull dance, but owing to the fact that the dance was postponed this year on account of the Lenten season coming so soon the initiation will be held some time before the dance will be given.

The Skull is the oldest inter-fraternity society at the University. It was founded by the members of T.N.E. when that organization was disbanded at the University.

The following men were elected to the Skulls this year:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Peterson Jarman.

Phi Delta Theta - E. H. Glenn, Leonard Pratt.

Delta Kappa Epsilon - Lister Hill, Joseph Peeler.

Alpha Tau Omega - G. R. Harsh, S. P. Smith, R. C. Foster.

Next week the initiation will begin and the students are looking forward with interest to the celebration of the annual initiation.