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"'No Machine ties'--Moody"
The Crimson White
April 4, 1968

-Clark counters charge-

Student Government vice presidential candidate Bill Moody, reacting to revelation by the Crimson-White of a powerful and secret political machine on campus, has denied present membership in the organization.

Moody, listed by the Crimson-White as a member of The Machine, said Monday he "pulled out, [quit] going to the meetings" of The Machine early this semester.

Moody said he never actively sought Machine backing while a member, even though "I could have gotten the nomination."

At the same time, Paul Clark, Moody's major competition in the vice presidential race and an admitted member of The Machine, charged "It is fairly apparent that the only reason Mr. Moody pulled out himself was because he could not receive the support of The Machine."

Clark, who said he came into The Machine only after receiving the group's support, asked "Why did he (Moody) choose to pull out right at the time elections were being held."

Moody said he withdrew from The Machine because he disagreed with "the system. People say it's like a political party. It isn't. The members of the Machine fraternities have no voice in who is nominated."

Wanting his fraternity (Beta Theta Pi) out of The Machine was also given by Moody as a reason for his withdrawal. "I'm tired of seeing my house pay out the nose to stay in The Machine," said Moody.

Moody said he was instrumental in bringing his fraternity out of The Machine at the first of this semester. "I told them what the situation was, at a chapter meeting, and said we ought to get out," said Moody. "Some of the guys were pretty mad about it-they didn't know we were members."

Clark, however, said the Betas are still members of The Machine. "Bill's fraternity was a member at the time of the nominations this year, and they are still members right now," said Clark.

Moody went on to say he thinks The Machine [is] stronger this year "than at any time since I've been down here." He also said there are indications that, if The Machine does well in this year's elections, more fraternities will become members.

He criticized The Machine as a handicap to effective student government, saying "As long as The Machine is big enough to control [things], there is no progress in government on this campus. All they're interested in is spreading spoils."