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"Administration Gives Views"
The Crimson White
March 27, 1961

University students go to the polls to select a Crimson-White editor and the 30 legislators out of 54 candidates tomorrow.

Interest in the election has been stirred by exposť by the C-W of a campus machine that "dominates the campus political life."

State interest in the elections was aroused by the Birmingham News story last Friday which said that "one former student admitted to the News that he had the backing of the machine when he was a candidate for office."

The News correspondent said the students were "bug-eyed in disbelief-not that such a machine existed, but that someone dared to challenge it-and even list names of some of its members."

Dr. Frank Rose called the exposť "a good healthy sign that our students are thinking and I don't know of any college campus that doesn't have a machine. I'm not upset at all. I see nothing that won't be settled when they (the students) have an election."

Dean John Blackburn said, "The controversy is healthy because it gets students involved in democratic processes, which too many take for granted."

Polling places in the election will be open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday. The location of the polls is as follows:

Arts and Sciences will vote in Morgan Hall; Commerce students in Bidgood; Education in Graves; Nursing in what was formerly Little hall; Home Economics in Doster; Law School in Farrah; Graduate students in Clark; Engineering in Houser; and Chemistry in Chemistry.