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The Crimson White
February 6, 1912

Annual Dance Friday the Ninth—Initiates Taken in Following Evening

The Skulls, the inter fraternity organization at the University which was formed several years ago from the old chapter of T.N.E. here, has elected the following to membership:

Allen J. Krebs, Jr., A. M. Quina, Jr., C. M. A. Rogers, Jr., C. A. Hensch, M. B. Spragins, J. H. G. Riley, Grady Reynolds, Webb Crawford, Jr., E. H. Strode, R. M. Nichols, W. L. Harsh, J. E. Bowron, R. H. Hatter, M. E. Nettles and Fred Fite.

[The] old Skulls are Phares Coleman, Jr., J. A. McConnell, Robert G. Thatch, John P. Courtney, U. E. Bradley, W. Hill, M. Cammack, W. P. MacAdory and F. D. Peebles.

The initiation of the new men will take place on Saturday afternoon, February 10, and a public performance by the Skull “goats” will probably be given.

The annual german of the Skulls will be given in the city hall on Friday evening, February ninth. A large number of visiting girls will be in Tuscaloosa and quite a few alumni son’s orchestra from Birmingham has been secured, which insures splendid music. Mr. Phares Coleman, Jr., of Montgomery, will lead the german.