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"Why Dirty Politics?"
Nancy Berger
The Crimson White
March 15, 1961

Dear Editor:

Why does campus politics have to be so dirty?

For anyone who doesn't know, the UA politics are dirtier than national politics during the recent presidential campaign.

Our forthcoming SGA elections may prove to be the dirtiest in history. A political machine is completely in control of the campus. Students have nothing what-so-ever to say about the campus policies. They have to sit back and let it ride, because their student legislature, and the people in SGA don't care what the students think. The only thing that they care about is the prestige (if there is any) of being a part of the great and wonderful UA-SGA.

You, the UA students had the chance to get off of your complacency and buck the machine. You had the chance to do something worthwhile for the University. But you, the students, muffed the chance. Instead you are perfectly content to sit back and have filth and dirt controlling you and your UA policies.

The deadline for applying for these elections was Monday at 5 p.m. Very few of the top positions are being contested. On top of that, very few of the people who are not contested in their races are capable of holding an office.

From now on don't complain to your "student government" if you want something done, because it won't do any good. The machine is in power! And God forbid that anyone should try and buck it.
Nancy Berger