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"4,940 Flock Polls, Approve Constitution"
The Crimson White
April 13, 1949

On the heels of the largest student balloting in University history, Tom King, law school freshman, today prepared to take over the 1949-50 presidency of the Student Government Association.

The Birmingham Alpha Tau Omega who emphasized "an Affirmative platform" over opposing candidate Johnnie Hill's anti-machine stand, won the top student executive post by a vote of 2,736 to 2,186.

In the race for next year's editorship of the Crimson-White, campus weekly newspaper, Harry Cook defeated Grover Smith by 1,071. Cook's campaign centered around a "Get The New Look" slogan while Smith was listed on the independent anti-machine ticket. The editor-elect will take office in September.

Most decisive majority in the three top races went to Charlie Porter who garnered a total of 3,322 over Roy Williams' 1,476 votes for the vice-presidency of SGA.

Student approval, gauged by a vote of 3,913 to 647 went to the proposed new Student Government Constitution. The new document, scheduled to take effect within 30 days, will pattern the Alabama SGA into legislative, executive and judicial branches, similar to operation to those of the federal government.

Article XI of the new constitution, providing a means for payment of SGA officers, rated another "yes" vote from Capstone constituents. Students approved proposed SGA salaries by a vote of 2501 to 2068.

In the race for SGA Representative post, Jerry Stapp defeated Vorin Whan in Art and Sciences; Janie Parker downed Sarah Norwood in Home Economics; Mac Morrison won out over Billy Chappell in Law; Sidney Holder defeated Mary Wideman in chemistry.

Five additional SGA jobs and five top publication posts were filled without opposition. These officers include:

Junius Smith, SGA secretary; Gerry Wiggins, Cotillion president; Dickie McKenzie, Commerce representative; George LeGardeur, Engineering Representative; Davis Yuell, Education Representative; Harry Mitchell, Crimson White business manager; Bill Myrick, Corolla editor; B. Jay Arno, Corolla business manager; Homer Lee Krout, Rammer Jammer editor; John Duddy, Rammer Jammer business manager.

What campus political observers had termed, "an exceptionally slow campaign" earlier in the week gained momentum Monday with house to house visits by representatives of each political faction.

The mounting cresend of machine versus anti-machine propaganda reached a climax Tuesday morning as students crowded polling places to chalk up the highest total percentage vote in more than six years of SGA elections.

Prior to election day one SGA official had told the Crimson-White he was anticipating a "very light vote." President Roy Killingsworth declared late Tuesday evening he attributed the record student balloting to the "last minute effort and enthusiasm of the candidates themselves."