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The Crimson White
March 7, 1905

The newly installed chapter of T.N.E. Fraternity gave its initial dance in the Phi hall last Friday night, and now has every reason to be proud of its well merited success. The german with its grand march and "large circles" has, in a way, grown tiresome here, and the odd features introduced were as acceptable as pleasing and unique. The dance was original in the [extreme], and it is safe to say that few of those present had ever seen a coffin on a ball-room floor or heard a funeral march played at a dance.

At nine-thirty the lights were [turned] out and immediately afterwards the robed and masked members of the fraternity, marching by the music of the funeral march and giggling girls, entered the hall. In front were five weird figures with candles dimly lighting the way for those behind who bore the leader in a coffin. After an imposing [detour] of the hall, the coffin, with its occupant, was placed in the middle of the floor and a solemn dance performed around it. The coffin was then removed, the funeral march gave place to a brisk two step, and the leader proved beyond doubt by leading a beautiful german, that he was anything but a dead man. The maskers removed their disguises after the first intermission to relieve the curiosity of the wondering visitors.

The man in the coffin was Mr. A. K. Merrill who led the german with remarkable skill, ease and ingenuity marking every figure. He was ably assisted by Miss Alice Ashley, who has proven on previous occasions her wonderful grace and skill in this art.

T.N.E. is composed of the following students, among whom are some of the most popular men in college: J.H. Miller, A.K. Merrill, T.B. Catchings, W.H. Wiley, T.L. Cartwright, J.E. Morrissette, A.K. Parker, S.L. Ledbetter, T.R. Matthews, J.D. Pope, F.B. Clark, W.R. Vandiver, J.H. Fitts, Jr., W.S. Mudd, W.B. Harris, J.C. Nelson.

The guests were:

W.H. Merrill and Miss Alice Ashley.

E.C. Snow and Miss Louise Strudwick.

Reginald Barnes and Miss Katherine Nichols.

Washington Moody and Miss Evelyn Searcy.

R.M Marx and Miss Nell Hopkins.

M.B. Lanier and Miss Sadie Carter.

Will Spratt and Miss Evelyn Ashley.

Taylor Palfrey and Miss Lucia Van Hoose.

George Johnston and Miss Carrie Morrissette.

Robert Steiner and Miss Mary Hewell Nabors.

W.C. Oates and Miss Mary Emily Fitts.

J.H. Cabaniss and Miss Ira Bradford.

E.E. Tallichet and Miss Ethel Kennedy.

J.I. Tatum and Miss Lizzie Snow Williamson.

Charles Morris and Miss Eddiemae Hester.

W.P. Cobb and Miss Yanita Cribbs.

E. Moore and Miss Roberta Adams.

Allen Crenshaw and Miss Bessie Donoho.

Winston Powers and Miss Frederika Martin.

Britain Turner and Miss Bettie Hays.

Crook Whatley and Miss Weiss.

Bob Cummings and Miss Wills.

John Donoho and Miss Jessie Freeman.

Dr. and Mrs. R.J. Hargrove.